Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday got Better

At work Monday, something quite remarkable happened. Synchronicity you could call it I guess. It was a slow Monday a the market. I was feeling kinda down on my fellow humans. And i was going over some thoughts in my head, and it went something like this, why are people so judgmental, what is up with people and there misery loves company attitude, and then the next thought was some thing like, what can i do to effect others in a positive way, but how can do that if I feel moody and sleepy(again it is Monday). and then just as I was finishing up these thoughts a man walked into the market with a purple hat and purple shirt. Right away this brightened me up. You see its nearly impossible to be unhappy when surrounded with bright vibrant colors. there were a few customers lurking round but once they all checked out, this man came up to me and presented me with an offer. A free 5 min sample massage . He said he was a traveler, just passing thru. gave me a little shpeel about his massage but by that point i was sold. After his amazing 5 min massage he offered me another for a very reasonable price. so i got another 10 min of massage and ended up just trading for food.  My Thoughts were answered! very quickly I might add. This man was willing to trade his talent,and raise my consciousness  . and with his simple act, he rekindled my trust in basic human goodness. and the message to share what you have to offer in the way of a positive act. Something to make someone feel good. In return I will spread the love thru my actions and communication..
Every moment a stranger crosses your path has great meaning.
Now i can be a positive force of nature the rest of the day. Thanks Daniel from Denver!

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