Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Music is Magic. What will you Create with your Musical Spells/Songs?

What would you sing about?  I write songs but mostly just music. When I do write words they usually just come to me in the moment. Kind of a improvisatory thing. But lately I've been thinking about this more and how if your singing the same songs your whole life you might want it to be something positive. Those ideas in songs go out there and form your life whether you like it or not. Its like a mantra you are repeating over and over until it manifests. No wonder many rock band members spiral out of control when there songs are all bout sex and drugs. As for me i see it this way: Words are like incantations and very powerful. If your singing about peace and love you will reap it. The music is a vehicle for the words to create or manifest themselves. Imagine this , if everyone who listen to that song vibe on it and connect with it, than more and more energy and intent will be added to the entity of that particular song. All in all just remember , be careful what you put out there, it might just come back on you, And music IS magic, whether your just listening to it or making it. The topics you use in your song WILL affect you and your listeners
 on a subconscious level.

-Michael Vee , covering topics I'm interested in .

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