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Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Healing power of Golden Light

This technique is good for many things but most of all it heals.
It's all very simple and easy to do. All that is required is time, imagination and a Brain. Since most of us have brains the hard part will be finding time. As for the imagination,this my be something you have lost along the way from childhood.Its simple to rekindle. All that is required is usage. This simple technique will help light that flame of imagination.
Step one:
 Imagine a Golden light  in front of your face.
A warm gentle light.
  Next Imagine this light entering your body though your third eye (center of forehead).
 With a inhale of breath bring this light into the brain. Passing first through the center of your brain to the back of the head.
On the exhale push this light through the two half's of your brain back to the front of head.
Repeat this for 15 minutes a day for best results.
If 15 min is too long start with 1min and work up to it.
You can do this anywhere.
The Best place I have found is in bed,in the morning,before getting up.
With your eyes closed or open.
Don't place to much significance on the length of your breath or the time. Just go for as long as you can.
Usually what feels like 15 min is 15 min.
If at first you loose focus or have trouble imagining color or light. Just keep at it,and after a week you'll notice a difference. It will be easier to imagine things. 

Here is a quick video demonstrating this Technique:
There are many benefits to using this ,here is a list.
Well being
Cures Headache
Clears the mind
Inner Peace
Mental clarity
Release Psychic Ability's
and much more.
but don't take my word for it, try it out
and see for your self.

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