Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Status Updates

Just a few Status updates to ponder over:

Someday here really soon we're all going to wake up and realize we've all been dreaming the same dream.

Any day now this huge curtain in the sky will lift and the show will begin. Featuring monsters , aliens, and Your higher selves.

Something is happening to all of us right now simultaneously!

Just when you thought things were getting weird ,they got weirder.
If your gone ,your gone.
If you remember something when you get back you did good.

Hold on to nothing, Embrace everything

Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and watch cartoons.

I wish i could copy and paste some money right now.

What are all those deadheads pointing at up in the sky?

Sometimes early in the morning i feel inspired to paint. Then my my mind wanders from pictures to words so i begin to write. I jot down a few things then the music I'm listening to stretches my brain-cells into music mode. I pick up a instrument and begin to play. Most days this won't happen. I just wish it would. But If I'm Lucky and i wake up early enough i can catch a beam of light off the last star of the night before it vanishes into dawns light. This light Inspires sometimes i catch this light with the crystals that form at the edge of the eyelid gates of my dreaming world. Eye Crust.

Most of the time Good things happen to Good people but when you least expect it you'll be jumped by a posse of Tickle Monsters!

Just when you solve the riddle another appears ,never a dull moment here on Earth. Cant wait to see what the next planet will be like.

Rolling around in mud seems like a good idea!

Time travel is simple! Go to your closet and look in that old box of things from your past. Hold one item from your past in your left hand . Take a deep breath and remember. This works great with smells from your past too. We are time machines! But we can only travel in our own timeline. Or can we?

We are all traveling thru time right now.

Have you ever had that feeling that you are somewhere else ?

If you think you know, think again. Or better yet. Stop thinking.

When i scream loudly at a concert its because i agree whole heartedly with every note being played.

Ever had that feeling you are me.

Have you ever had that feeling we are them.

Its good to have a spare set of headphones.

Inventions i'd like to see in my lifetime.
     Inexpensive digital Paper (upload docs and pics/looks like paper)
     Self repairing CD's and DVD's
     Shoes that last a lifetime.
     A backpacking backpack that hovers on your back.(super-light)
     Holographic Midi Controllers
     FTL Travel
     Hand held Holograms.
     Holographic sculpting device.
     Something that turns words into pictures
     Shore to shore international travel portals.

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