Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Monday, March 12, 2012

Facebook Contest and News

     Michael Vee's
    Music and Art
    Hello Everyone! Thanks for supporting my music and art.
          Without you to view and hear my creations, this would all be pointless.
     Well its 2012 and Its the year of the Dragon which means lots of luck this year!
        I'm lucky to know so many people who are kind and generous with there compliments.
   some of the things i will be doing this year include, seeing the march fourth marching
   band as many times as i can this year, high sierra music festival, Oregon country fair,
   hardly strictly bluegrass festival, and many more festivals. This summer at the Historic
   Mono Inn should be fun with lots of great live music and art. There's a good chance I'll play
   a gig or two there this summer. Spring 2012 I will be releasing 3 albums. The first is a
  nice and mellow album with lots of calming flute and percussion.The second album will be focused    
  on acoustic instruments(guitar,flute,percussion and piano) including many genres. The third album
  will be all electronic (dubstep/techno/trance)music created with loops and samples.
       All of these will be available april 20th. All available for FREE at my music
       Also check out my blog for weekly Free Digital Desktop Art Downloads and Articals.
       Everything Vee:
      Facebook Art Contest Rules:
       Want to win some FREE art? Well this is how to do it.
      Find me on facebook at Michael Vee's Music and Art.
      (Like Page)
      There are Two ways to win.
       1. The person who shared(page) or liked(posts)on my FB page the most at the
          end of each month will win.
       2. Three times a Month (at random times)I will do a Random winner drawing from all
        the names of people who like the Facebook Page.

     What you Win:  Original hand painted Art by Michael Vee (no duplicates or copies)
          Thanks Again and remember my music is always free

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