Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Michael Vee's Time Travel Theory

Here's how. Find a penny of the desired year you want to travel to,Hold that penny in your left hand. Now seclude yourself in complete darkness.With only you thoughts and the penny begin to think the year and feel the penny.Feel the energy ...of that year chant the year in your mind. Then now would be a good time to take some good drugs or breathing practices Whatever makes you lucid, and you should be there in no time. When you Want to Leave you simply drop the penny and you will return to your year.The only way this really can work is Example:if you carry around with you a penny from 2012 all year in your right pocket .The penny will pick up energy all year,this also works with crystals but its easy with a penny because it has the date on it. After one year of carrying the penny you can now travel back into that year because you have collected its energy.Remember to always carry the penny or it will not work. When traveling in time be sure to store the current year's penny in a safe place on you.Remember all life is energy that never leaves and can always tapped into .
Any Questions?
Original Art By 
Michael Vee

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