Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Free Instrumental Folk Fusion Album

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Michael Vee's Free Time Traveling Terrapin Album

This 12 Track album is completely Free. Vee Recorded this album in the winter months of 2009-10 in a greenhouse on the Northern side of Mono lake. All Instrument Parts played by Michael.
Michael says," Many of the songs on this album were started with the 12 string guitar and growing from there. Adding Percussion next then flutes and leads. I Had acces to many instruments in this studio greenhouse a friend let me use. Bells chimes,congas,12 string,electric ,hand drums, and so on.
I put a lot of time into constructing songs in a free form way, trying not to stick to structure too much. The way of the abstract Musician my brain does work in."
Like i said this whole album is a free download. Enjoy and Share.

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